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Breguet crowns time Show the glamour of women

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Throughout the history of Breguet, Mr. Abraham Louis Breguet, the founder of the brand, known as “the father of modern clock and watch making”, has made the brand famous in the field of advanced watch making with his unique vision and amazing creativity, and created the first known wristwatch in the history of watch making. With the development of the times, Breguet’s timepiece works have been evolving. Today’s brand’s skillful watchmakers have made Breguet a symbol of advanced tabulation. Inspired by the first known wristwatch in history, Breguet Reine de Naples queen of Naples wristwatch series has a profound historical background, but also gives a deeper meaning to classic aesthetics and excellent mechanical skills. Her birth is the perfect integration of craftsmanship and aesthetic spirit, and is a perfect combination of the craftsmanship and aesthetic spirit, and it is a perfect match for Abraham Louis Breguet Mr. Wang’s salute is also a heartfelt tribute to women.

In Breguet Among the numerous celebrity patrons of Mr. Naples, the Napoleonic family stands out. Caroline mura, Napoleon’s sister, is one of Baoji’s most loyal customers. During her reign as Queen of Naples, Caroline mura showed a high level of Royal aesthetic and artistic attainments. She encouraged the development of art, supervised the construction of the Royal Palace, and encouraged the development of manufacturing industry No less than 34 timepieces were ordered. In 1810, Breguet watch making workshop, located on the Bank of the clock in Paris, began to make an unprecedented chronometer for the queen of Naples. The order price was as high as 5000 francs. The long oval shape of the watch case broke away from the tradition and contained bold and innovative artistic aesthetics. It was exquisite and elegant with a silver gem engraved dial. In addition, the watch also carries a number of complex functions. Finally, the wristwatch was decorated with a strap made of hair and gold thread to wear between the wrists. The first known wristwatch in history was born in 1812, and not long after that, the man’s watch was born around 1910. Like inventions, our pioneers are often forgotten by history or known only by a few experts. It is this innovative design with rich Royal romantic feelings that has created immeasurable value and extraordinary achievements in the history of tabulation. This history and the creators behind it are worth remembering forever. Breguet Reine de Naples Watches

This new masterpiece in 2020 is the first time to apply the “bright fire” enamel technology to the dial of Queen of Naples series of Reine de Naples, showing its gentle luster and noble quality. The dial has been fired at 800 ℃ for a long time. The enamel dial is endowed with unique texture and permanent color, which makes it a worthy art treasure. The white “bright fire” enamel panel of the watch is pure and flawless, while the Breguet digital time scale is delicately outlined by blue enamel. The blue and white two colors highlight the perfection of craftsmanship. It is dreamy, vivid and meaningful like the dawn. The bright diamonds around the outer edge of the watch ring and dial complement the pure tone on the watch. Pear shaped cut diamonds are decorated at 6 o’clock to create a sense of elegance and vitality.

The accumulation and persistence of excellent skills is also an elegant inheritance of history. Breguet perfectly presents the two exquisite craftsmanship of relief and enamel on the dial, making the excellent timepiece more precious. The engraving process of the dial is very complicated and precise. It needs to carve out the shape of the pattern first, and then depict the dry fur of bear and cat legs with exquisite relief technology. After careful carving, it is filled with rare and exquisite enamel glaze, and then fired repeatedly at 800 ℃ to obtain the final bright and stable color. In the structure of the oval dial picture, the relief technology creates a three-dimensional and flexible scene. In addition, the bright color and unique texture of enamel filling make the picture vivid. The warm and comfortable scene of the lively and lovely panda mother and son nestling in the deep bamboo forest is on the dial. It also uses ingenuity and craftsmanship to create a masterpiece and deduce the eternal and beautiful brilliance.

The charming beauty of Tourbillon rotation always fascinates watch lovers, so the ingenious idea of rotating timing elements is endowed with more romantic implication. Using the same principle of tourbillon, the watch records the changes of the sun, moon and stars with precise mechanical device, and displays the complex functions of day and night. It integrates the meaningful classic aesthetic design with exquisite and complex watch making skills. 131 square diamonds are inlaid on the outer edge of the watch ring and case. The dial and spherical ear are all decorated with diamond inlays. The inlaying process is extremely strict and complicated. A single water drop shaped cutting diamond is decorated on the crown of the watch. In addition to indicating hours and minutes, there is an auxiliary dial on the dial to show that the two dials are staggered in the shape of “8” during the day and night, which symbolizes endless beauty and contains The meaning of auspiciousness.

Thanks to Breguet master craftsman’s exquisite use and unremitting pursuit of gem cutting and inlaying technology, the design full of diamonds makes the watch appear pure and transparent. This process requires Breguet master craftsmen to hold the precise concept, amazing finishing details and exquisite craftsmanship. Each diamond is carefully selected and finely cut according to Breguet’s strict design requirements, and then inlaid on the dial and watch ring with complicated and complicated invisible inlay method. After the inlaying is completed, the surplus gold between the gems will be polished and cut to highlight the bright light of each diamond and make the watch unique. The radial mother of pearl is decorated with time marks, adding a touch of warmth and elegance to the magnificence and nobility