Breguet marine continues the legend–ride the wind and waves

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When we re-examine and explore the history of navigation that laid the foundation of Western civilization, it is not difficult to find that the navigation astronomical clock created by Mr. Breguet at that time influenced the rise and fall of the great maritime age with a number of innovative technological inventions The legend of the ocean has lasted for more than 200 years. The vast ocean evokes not only the historical heritage of a hundred years, but also the treasure of precision technology and aesthetics based on the chronometer.

In the field of advanced tabulation, Mr. Abraham Louis Breguet, the father of modern clock and watch making, is leading the innovation and development of the watch making industry with his unique idea and exquisite skills. In the historical process of the development of navigation and precise timing, he showed the spirit of pioneering exploration. He not only overcame the problem of accuracy in longitude measurement that has plagued navigators for centuries. In the field of super functions, the development of Tourbillon and double second hand chronographs also affected the development of the watch industry for hundreds of years. With more than 200 years of watchmaking enthusiasm and innovative exploration spirit, the brand-new marine nautical watch sets sail in the future of remodeling the classic. The perfect integration of traditional and dynamic aesthetics can not only excavate a new navigation style, but also endow many excellent functions to the watch, opening a new chapter of marine nautical watch series.

This year, Breguet has launched a masterpiece of complicated timekeeping with rose gold and a stone grey gold dial. It combines the iconic bold and dynamic aesthetic style of Marine’s nautical series with the super complex movement design and the most exquisite hand finishing technology. The restrained rock gray dial and the dazzling rose gold case push Baoji’s unique aesthetic design concept to a new height of modern aesthetics. The exquisite watch making skills and the extraordinary aesthetic concept complement each other, highlighting the brand’s unparalleled historical wealth and outstanding position in the field of large and complex functional timepieces: the marine navigation series 5887 Tourbillon time equation wrist watch is equipped with the latest generation of ultra lightweight tourbillon, equipped with a perpetual calendar and real-time display time equation function.

Breguet marine 5547 music alarm watch, Breguet marine 5527 chronograph and Breguet marine 5517 watch are designed to pay homage to the maritime world.

Marine nautical series 5547 music alarm watch not only has alarm function, but also has date display and second time zone display, so that the wearer can easily control the time between the two places at any time.

Marine nautical series 5527 Chronograph can measure and record the interval of short time, which is reminiscent of Mr. Breguet’s outstanding achievements in the field of Chronograph creation.

The big three pin display of marine nautical series 5517 watch is perfectly placed on the simple and simple dial, and is matched with the date window to show Breguet’s maritime aesthetic style and practicality. Each watch is available in three materials: titanium, rose gold and white gold. The titanium watch is elegant and restrained. The gold dial is decorated with sun radiation pattern. The case is made of rose gold and white gold, and the gold dial with the original wavy pattern engraved by hand is adopted.

This year, Breguet has equipped the marine nautical series with a matching gold watch chain, which is more dynamic. The first link of the watch chain is directly connected with the case to form a whole, extending the smooth line sense of marine nautical wristwatch to the wrist, providing excellent comfort for the wearer. In response to the contrasting gold material on the case, the watch chain links alternately present polishing and smooth faceting effects, which makes the watch chain emit rich metallic luster. At the same time, it has dynamic charm and elegant style, which can be used in various occasions.

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