Breguet Reine de Naples 8918 Replica Watches

Breguet Reine de Naples 8918 Replica Watches

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Breguet, for the first time, uses pure white “bright fire” enamel to highlight the exquisite oval dial of Queen of Naples wristwatches of Queen of Naples series. It is matched with blue sky tone digital time scale to present a perfect overall design.Breguet Reine de Naples 8918 Replica Watches

Breguet Reine de Naples queen of Naples 8918 wristwatch is the first time that the “bright fire” enamel technology has been applied to the dial. The signature blue enamel Breguet digital time mark, Breguet signature and “é maill é grand feu” can be seen on the pure and flawless disk. Alligator strap with fold buckle, inlaid with 28 diamonds, is in harmony with the dreamy hue of the watch. 117 diamonds are shining around the new white gold watch ring and the outer edge of the dial. Breguet Reine de Naples queen of Naples series 8918 “bright fire” enamel wristwatch is equipped with the automatic chain up movement independently developed and created by Breguet watch making factory. It moves naturally with time.

The exquisite “Daming fire” enamel technology gives the dial a unique texture and permanent color. In its particularly rigorous and meticulous production process, the dial needs to be fired at a high temperature of more than 800 degrees Celsius, hence the name of this traditional technique. The dial needs to be placed in the kiln for several times to produce a natural luster.

Thanks to the exquisite blue steel Baoji pointer, time can be clearly read. The eccentric hour scale ring is decorated with dot, diamond and iris scales, and a pear shaped cut diamond is decorated at 6 o’clock. Under a certain light angle, the invisible signature of Breguet at 3 o’clock can be seen by reflection.

The white gold watch case with coin pattern on the outer edge contains a 537 / 3 automatic chain up movement, which is independently developed and created by Breguet watch making factory, with power reserve up to 45 hours. A water drop cut diamond adds a sparkle to the 4 o’clock crown. Through the sapphire glass bottom cover, the watch movement can be seen at a glance. Each part is carefully polished by hand. At the customer’s discretion, Breguet may register the customer’s name and a separate number engraved on the back of the form in the historical records of Breguet that have been preserved since the late 18th century.

The “bright fire” enamel dial of the queen of Naples 8918 wristwatch of the queen of Naples is like a soft morning light penetrating the dawn.

During the reign of Caroline mura, Queen of Naples, Napoleon Bonaparte’s younger sister, encouraged the development of art and ordered no less than 30 pieces of contemporary art from Breguet in her life. In 1810, Breguet watchmaking Workshop on the Bank of the clock in Paris began to build an unprecedented chronometer for the queen of Naples: a watch that could be worn on the wrist. The world’s first known wristwatch was born. Breguet delivered the finished product in 1812, and the work was sent back to Breguet for maintenance in 1849 and 1855 respectively. Its historical records and design features are included in Breguet’s historical archives. So far, there is no trace of the watch. Its long oval case is exquisite and elegant with a silver gem engraved dial. In addition, the watch also carries a number of complex functions: time device, lunar phase profit and loss display and thermometer. Finally, the wristwatch was fitted with a watch strap made of hair and gold thread to be worn between the wrists.

Breguet Reine de Naples queen of Naples 8918 wristwatch