Breguet Marine 5887 Replica

Breguet Marine 5887 Replica

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Since ancient times, the ultimate pursuit of time and the exploration of space have never stopped. The exploration of the unknown makes human’s sight turn from land to ocean. For thousands of years, with the continuous innovation of navigation technology, explorers rely on giant ships to cross the ocean and explore the more distant unknown world. Until the 19th century, Mr. Abraham Louis Breguet, adhering to the pioneering spirit of exploration, developed a number of cutting-edge and super complex technologies to overcome the problem of maritime longitude measurement, and helped promote the development of human navigation. He was awarded the honor of “Royal French Navy watchmaker” by King Louis XVIII of France. Inheriting the excellent watch making skills and calibrating the ancient time, Baoji marine 5887 Tourbillon time equation wristwatch shows the orbit around the sun with exquisite mechanical devices. It integrates the ever-standing symbolic bold dynamic aesthetic style of the series with the super complex movement design and the most exquisite manual embellishment, presenting the exquisite rhythm of time on the dial and highlighting bregue T brand is of incomparable importance in the field of contemporary advanced tabulation. Breguet Marine 5887 Replica

When Breguet first launched the marine series Breguet marine 5887 Tourbillon time equation watch, it interweaved the profound history of the brand with exquisite watch making skills, and presented two different materials for choice: rose gold watch with silver gold dial, platinum watch with Blue Gold Dial with silver plated dial ring. The watch shows the unique new maritime aesthetic elements in details: the ear design is avant-garde and bold, which makes the connoisseurs fall in love at first sight; the screw used to fix the screw rod of watch strap is redesigned and inspired by the style of maritime signal buoy; the watch circle is integrated with modern style, and the lines are more sculptural; the dial is decorated with the wave decoration pattern of Ji engraved flower specially created for marine navigation series The design, based on the ancient and long-standing pure hand-made carved flowers, interprets the surging waves of the vast ocean; on the back of the movement, an ancient French Navy first-class warship, Royal Louis, is hand engraved on the gold core splint. Every detail shows the deep relationship between marine’s nautical series and the ocean, and shows the passion of the ocean between her wrist.

This year, Breguet launched a brand-new color marine series 5887 Tourbillon time equation wrist watch. It is a masterpiece with rose gold and rock gray Gold Dial, a restrained rock gray dial and a pure hand engraved flower pattern. The exquisite thread line creates a profound mysterious mood. With a rose gold case, it is on the free boundary Start a fearless adventure. The new color matching of watch pushes the unique aesthetic design concept that Breguet abides by and continues to a new height of modern aesthetics again.

The touring wheel is undoubtedly an unprecedented work in the history of mechanical creation, and the basic movement of marine series 5887 Tourbillon time equation wrist watch is the historical crystallization of Breguet Tourbillon development. The tourbillon invented by Mr. Abraham Louis Breguet can counteract the influence of gravity on the accuracy of watches and clocks. It is a revolutionary solution and provides inspiration for the whole field of watch making. Breguet adheres to the creation of the most accurate and stable traditional tourbillon, and at the same time, endows the tourbillon with more vitality than before. So far, no other brand has such a wide variety of Tourbillon like Breguet. The research and development process of this movement pursues the lightness and the innovation of touring wheel design. Its thickness is only 3mm, which can be called a great technical feat. However, the success is not achieved overnight, but comes from a lot of innovation and improvement, which is enough to prove that Breguet watch factory has mastered the extraordinary watch making skills, creating and adhering to the myth of the watch making industry.

Breguet marine navigation series 5887 time equation wristwatch is equipped with the function of “real-time time equation”. The mechanical structure of time equation is already complex enough, but “real-time display time equation” can be called “complex function in complexity”, and its value is self-evident. Most of the time equation models show the time difference between civil time and solar time through the fan-shaped display area. When the sun cannot be directly displayed, the “real-time display of time equation” and the corresponding masterpieces are rare in history. Therefore, this new marine nautical series masterpiece is outstanding. The dial has two minute hands. One is used to indicate the traditional civil time, while the other with the sun sign directly indicates the solar hour. Due to its unusual complex structure, there are few wristwatches with “real-time display time equation” until now.

This marine series Tourbillon time equation wrist watch combines time equation with calendar, which is precious. Like all the classic calendar models, the movement can detect the irregular factors in the four-year cycle, including the 31 days of the big month, 30 days of the small month, and 28 days of February or 29 days of the leap year. The watch’s calendar display is unique in Breguet timepieces with a newly developed and innovative device. The week and month are displayed in a small window instead of a pointer. The date display has its own mystery, using the “reverse jump” pointer mode to indicate. The pointer moves forward one space on the arc every day until midnight on the last day of the end of the month. It skilfully jumps back to the “1” position and starts a new month.

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