Breguet Tradition 7097 Replica

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In 2005, Breguet replica watch launched the iconic tradition series, which is the first timepiece that can completely show the mechanical structure of the main board from the front of the dial. What is original and worth mentioning is that this year, the series has launched a new 7097 automatic backstop second hand wrist watch of tradition series, which is characterized by a blue gem engraved dial. This brand-new product is only available in Breguet boutique.

Like other watches in the tradition series, this work is inspired by the subscription pocket watch, which reminds people of the single pointer pocket watch first created by Abraham Louis Breguet in 1796. These pocket watches carry a very simple movement and are sold “by order”, that is, a quarter of the total price is prepaid at the time of order and the balance is paid when the goods are delivered. Mr. Breguet also used the movements of these “predetermined” pocket watches to make the first touch watch.

Breguet Tradition 7097 replica automatic reverse second hand wrist watch clearly shows the splint, gear, escapement mechanism, spring box and other parts hidden under the main board of the dial, in order to pay tribute to the mechanical design of subscription pocket watch and touch watch. The decorative details enhance the balance and symmetry of the slab bridge structure. The main board and splint are polished by special sandblasting process, which requires outstanding technology and exquisite operation to achieve regular and uniform surface treatment. The gold automatic Tuo draws lessons from the movement style of the past period. The pure hand engraved pattern of Ji engraved nails highlights the blue gold dial located at the eccentric position of 12 o’clock.

The watch, named after the 10 o’clock backstop second hand, complements the rhodium plated Breguet hand for hours and minutes. Breguet’s master watchmaker interprets its complex forms in a circular drawing process, which makes the other displays of the dial clearer and easier to read. In order to maintain the design symmetry, the parachute shock absorber (pare chute) was placed at 4 o’clock. The shock absorber is invented by Breguet, which can protect the cycloid shaft in case of external force impact. It is one of the classic features of tradition series. It is also the predecessor of all the shock absorbers including incabloc.

Of course, in the application of the most cutting-edge technology, the watch is not inferior. The 40mm watch case is equipped with reverse linear lever escapement mechanism, equipped with silicon escapement fork and silicon Breguet hairspring to ensure the extreme stability of travel.

Breguet Tradition 7097 automatic reverse second hand watch is the crystallization of exquisite skills and unique aesthetics. It is also a successful feat of Breguet’s modern innovation of historical timepieces. Its refined shape interprets the tradition of the brand, while the application of advanced technology is a unique right of a watch making brand, which can promote its innovation and open up the future.

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Breguet Traditon 7097 Replica Watch 7097BB/G1/9WU

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