Can It Beat Other Swiss Brands?

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Switzerland houses the best watch manufacturers worldwide. Rado joins the elite list of Swiss watchmakers.

Established in Lengnau, Switzerland, Rado is a watchmaking company that masters the incorporation of high-tech materials, modern advancements, and aesthetic designs.

This review will extensively discuss Rado, its packed history, and the most high-end watches. If you are strongly considering choosing Rado as your go-to watch brand, I encourage you to continue reading this article.
You will be amazed by the different watches of Rado.

Rado True Skeleton Watch – Best Overall
Rado is home to some of the premier watches Switzerland has produced. If we are to narrow which one stands out as the best overall pick, it has to be the Rado True Skeleton watch.

For starters, its design outshines the rest. The transparent case-back lets you see the gears in action. You get an idea with regards to how the Rado Skeleton watch functions.
The skeleton colored dial consists of an easy-to-read analog display, luminescent hands, silver hour line markers, and the Rado logo by the 3 o’clock position.

Supplementary minute markers surround the outer dial for more exact time readings. An automatic movement supplies the Rado watch with utmost precision and accuracy.

The Rado Skeleton timepiece is well-protected thanks to the high-tech ceramic case and sapphire crystal. Both materials contain high heat-resistant and scratch-resistant abilities respectively.

The Rado watch does not feel heavy, sporting a lightweight size of 4.23 ounces. Rounding up the features are a fixed bezel, a 50-meter water resistance, a butterfly clasp, and a 40 mm case size.
Rado D-Star XL Watch – Best Value
Rado watches can go for around the hundreds to thousands range depending on the watch model. In short, these watches are not cheap.

Thankfully, I was able to find a couple of Rado watches that have slightly affordable price points. If you want to go for the Rado watch that gives you the best value for money, I suggest the D-Star XL timepiece.
Unlike the Rado True Skeleton watch, it is made up of a minimalist black dial design with luminescent hands, a date display at 3 o’clock, Arabic numerals, hour, and minute markers. The components surrounding the dial make it easy-to-read.

A gray high tech ceramic band and case make up the watch’s exterior for maximum durability against external damage from heat. The D-Star timepiece also contains a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Powered by a quartz movement, expect reliable timekeeping for all 24 hours and seven days. It boasts of a high water-resistant depth of 100 meters, which means you can bring the Rado watch for your underwater activities.

Huge dimensions such as a 41 mm case diameter and 24 mm case thickness are suitable for those who have huge wrists.
Rado DiaStar Original Watch– Best Budget Pick
If you want to invest in a watch that will save you hundreds of dollars, the Rado DiaStar Original watch should be at the top of your list. It is one of the few Rado watches that cost below $500.

We have to start discussing the Rado watch with its dial design. The gold dial color complements the diamond markers that represent each hour. Black minute markers fill up the outer dial to give you reliable time readings.
A date display can be found by the 3 o’clock marker. The watch band’s gold and silver tones go well with one another, giving off royalty vibes.

A stainless steel case and bezel enclose the watch face for top-tier protection against rust and corrosion.

Like most Rado watches, the Rado DiaStar Original watch offers reliable and accurate timekeeping thanks to a quartz watch movement. A three clasp closure provides the watch with a tight and comfortable grip on the wrist.

Finally, the watch is also water-resistant of up to 30 meters.
Rado Ceramica Watch
Another Rado watch that offers a sleek, minimalist, and unique design is the Rado Ceramica watch. It can hold its own among other Rado watches featured on the list.

Similar to most Rado watches, the strap and case are made up of high-tech ceramic material that can resist damage brought about by heat.
n terms of design, the rectangular watch shape is what separates this particular Rado timepiece from other round-shaped Rado watches.

The monochromatic colors help the Rado Ceramica watch stand out from its counterparts. A minimalist white dial is surrounded by black hour line markers, gray luminescent hands, and a date display at 6 o’clock.

The Rado watch’s dial complement the cream-colored ceramic band and case. Accuracy and reliable timekeeping is another asset of the Rado Ceramica timepiece with its quartz watch movement.

Capping off the features is a push-button deployment clasp, an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, a pull-push crown, and a 35 mm case diameter.
Rado Hyperchrome Ceramos Watch
The Rado Hyperchrome series is another elite collection of premier Rado watches. The Ceramos timepiece does not fail to impress watch collectors and fans with its pulsating features and creative design.
While most Rado watches apply ceramic materials, the Rado Hyperchrome Ceramos watch makes use of stainless steel in its case and strap. These possess high malleability levels and rust-resistant abilities.

The silver watch dial contains a sunburst effect and features luminescent hands that have a glowing effect in dark areas. A pull-push crown enables adjustment of the Rado watch.

Furthermore, quartz movement, hour, and minute markers supply the Rado watch with reliable derivations at all times. The date-display is located at the 3 o’clock position.

One other strong suit of the Rado Hyperchrome Ceramos timepiece is its durability. A rust-resistant stainless steel bracelet and titanium double folding clasp bind the Rado timepiece together.

Moreover, a sapphire crystal dial window shields your watch face from potential scratches and other forms of damage.
Rado Centrix Watch
Another Rado watch that is capable of impressing its loyal fans is the Centrix timepiece.

Compared to other Rado watches, it is the lone watch that applies a combination of stainless steel and ceramic materials for its strap. Therefore, you get heat-resistant and rust-resistant abilities in the same Rado timepiece.
The minimalist black dial offers versatility for your fashion sense. Four diamond hour dots are located at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. A date-display can be found on the rightmost side of the Rado timepiece.

Powered by a Swiss Quartz movement, the Centrix watch is guaranteed superior accuracy in terms of timekeeping functions. The wrist enjoys a lightweight composition of 2.47 ounces.

A pull-push crown guides you in adjusting the watch hands should there be any discrepancies with the time readings. Capping off the features is a deployment clasp, a 28 mm case size, and a scratch-resistant sapphire dial window.
Rado Coupole Silver Dial Watch
The last timepiece on the list of high-quality Rado watches is the Coupole Silver Dial watch.

The application of monochromatic color schemes is the first thing that comes to mind with this timepiece. A light silver-tone dial paired with a silver-plated stainless steel case goes well together.
The dial is also easy-to-read because of the analog display, luminescent hands, and Roman Numeral hour markers.

Furthermore, materials like a stainless steel case and a sapphire window bolster the watch’s durability from rust and scratches.

The common denominator of Rado watches is its reliable and accurate readings. The Couple timepiece is no different thanks to the quartz-powered watch movement.

Finally, a push-button fold-over deployment clasp gives the Rado watch its tight yet comfortable handle on the wrist.
What Is the History of Rado Watches?
Established by the brother Ernst, Fritz, and Werner, Rado began its watchmaking stint at Lengnau, Switzerland in 1917. The Swiss watchmaking company was originally called Schlup and Co. before the name changed to Rado back in 1950. [R]

Rado History: Humble Beginnings
The 1960s saw an influx of Rado watches becoming available in around 60 countries. The one and only Rado DiaStar 1, the “world-first scratch-proof watch”, was released in the same decade.

Fast forward to the 1970s, Rado continued producing watches with unconventional yet advanced materials like high-tech ceramic bracelets, sapphire crystal, and tungsten.

Rado History: The “Ceramic Revolution”
The Rado “ceramic revolution” took place in the 1990s. During this era, watches such as the Rado Ceramica and Rado Sintra were invented.

Indeed, these Rado watches are hard to find all around the market. Unlike other brands that mass-produce watches, Rado manufactures only half a million timepieces.

Rado continues showcasing its meticulous craftsmanship and emphasis on the details in the new millennium. In 2002, the Swiss brand created the Rado V10K, the world’s hardest watch. [R]

11 years later, Rado invented Esenza Ceramic Touch, the world’s first ceramic watch that uses touch technology.

Why Should You Buy Rado Watches?
Due to the exclusive watchmaking and low volume of Rado watches, the price tags for each Rado watch can be expensive.
Therefore, it is understandable if you have second thoughts on whether or not it is worth buying even one Rado timepiece. However, Rado is still regarded as a superior Swiss brand among many watch lovers and critics.

Here are some of the reasons that separate Rado watches from the rest of the pack. Hopefully, these factors and features can convince you to buy Rado watches.

Innovative Materials and Craftsmanship
Based on history, Rado is a brand of firsts. From producing the first scratch-resistant watch to inventing the first ceramic watch that uses touch technology, Rado creates watches that employ innovative materials and ideas.

It is one thing to equip your watches with premium tools like high-tech ceramic, stainless steel, and sapphire crystal. It is another to effectively piece them together.

Watchmakers do a good job doing both with all Rado watches.

Maximum Comfort
Besides the high-end materials Rado possesses, it ensures top-quality comfort. Known for incorporating high-tech ceramic technology, Rado produces ceramic watches that have high hypoallergenic levels.

Therefore, you will be able to wear these Rado watches even if you have sensitive skin. One other feature of Rado ceramic watches is they are very lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about the wrist feeling heavy.

Superior Timekeeping
Last but not least, Rado employs movements that contain reliable timekeeping abilities. While other watches deliver groundbreaking features, some fail in terms of providing solid timekeeping. That is not the case with Rado watches.

Whether you go for the quartz or automatic movement, these supply every Rado watch with accurate time derivations. Every second is accounted for and the watch hands move consistently.

After reading through the brand’s history and collections of watches, I hope you gained one or two new insights and learned more about the brand.

All watches Rado produces is a reflection of its impeccable work ethic and emphasis on crafting highly innovative watches.

For questions and concerns regarding any one of these Rado watches, please contact us.