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Why rolex have 2 kinds rolex Hairspring

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Players familiar with Rolex watch replica know that Rolex currently on sale uses two kinds of hairspring. One is Rolex parachrom blue niobium hairspring, which is mainly used in Rolex 32 series / 31 series movements (3135 / 3235) and 4130 automatic timing movements. One is Rolex syloxi silicon hairspring, which is mainly used in Rolex 2236 movement.

From the watch, Rolex parachrom blue niobium hairspring is mainly used in men’s watches (medium and large size models), Rolex syloxi silicon hairspring is mainly used in women’s watches (small size models). There have been a lot of discussions about Rolex these two kinds of hairspring in recent years. For example, why does Rolex use two kinds of hairspring? Why Rolex does not use new silicon hairspring instead of blue niobium hairspring? wait. Therefore, I will focus on the existing Interpretation and point of view to tell you why Rolex has two kinds of gossamer.

Rolex currently uses two kinds of hairspring, parachrom blue niobium hairspring, used in men’s watches; syloxi silicon hairspring, used in women’s watches.

Over the years, parachrom blue niobium hairspring has become a Rolex “logo”, known to players. But in fact, the blue niobium hairspring was not the first one used by Rolex.

Wanguo niobium zirconium alloy hairspring is a “starting point” for Rolex to develop blue niobium hairspring. Rolex saw the super performance of niobium zirconium alloy hairspring, so it began to invest a lot of money and time to develop a new hairspring, namely parachrom blue niobium hairspring, and achieved mass production. After 5 years of research and development, the 4130 automatic timing movement using parachrom blue niobium hairspring was introduced for the first time in 2000. Ditona 116520 was the first Rolex to use parachrom blue niobium hairspring.

Rolex parachrom hairspring is a combination of niobium and zirconium under 2400 ℃ high temperature and vacuum environment, and has a blue oxide layer, so it is commonly known as “blue niobium hairspring”. Rolex said that the antimagnetic capacity of parachrome blue niobium hairspring wire exceeded 500000 a / M (about 6250 Gauss), which means it exceeded the level of the world at that time. At the same time, Rolex parachrom blue niobium hairspring is insensitive to temperature change, and its seismic resistance is 10 times higher than that of conventional hairspring.

Most of the famous watches on the market are from the nivarox far company of the Swatch Group. Nivarox hairspring is a kind of iron nickel alloy hairspring with chromium and cobalt added at the same time. Nivarox hairspring also has a certain antimagnetic properties. However, the tiny amount of iron in nivarox hairspring leads to the hidden danger of magnetization. At the same time, nivarox hairspring is also sensitive to temperature change. Rolex parachrom hairspring is niobium zirconium alloy to avoid iron.

From the digital point of view, the conventional nivarox hairspring usually has 60 Gauss (4800a / M) antimagnetic ability, while Rolex parachrome blue niobium hairspring is more than 6250 Gauss, which is the reason why Rolex is stronger than ordinary watches.

In the 21st century (after 2000), silicon material technology began to rise in famous watches. In 2001, Athens was the first watch to use silicon hairspring, and Athens Frak was the first watch to use silicon hairspring.

After that, Athens, Rolex replica watch, Patek Philippe, Swatch Group and the Swiss electronics and Micro Technology Center (CSEM) cooperated to form a “Silicon hairspring technology alliance” to jointly research and develop silicon hairspring technology with patent protection. This is why the famous watches of Athens, Rolex (including imperial rudder), Patek Philippe and Swatch Group popularized silicon hairspring, while the famous watches of Richemont group and LVMH group have not popularized silicon hairspring (note that silicon hairspring is not silicon escapement). Because Richemont group name list and LVMH group name list are not members of the “alliance”, they are restricted by silicon hairspring patent (it is reported that the patent protection of Athens, Rolex, Patek Philippe and Swatch Group will expire in 2021).

Compared with Athens, Patek Philippe, Swatch Group, Rolex is the latest to launch silicon hairspring. Rolex didn’t launch syloxi silicon hairspring until 2014, and it is only used on the 2236 movement of women’s watch at present, but not for men’s watch. It is reported that Rolex has spent more than 10 years brewing and developing syloxi silicon hairspring (which can be further verified). Silicon hairspring, because it is non-metallic, syloxi silicon hairspring is non-magnetic. Although Rolex has not published the diamagnetic data of syloxi silicon hairspring, it is a fact that syloxi silicon hairspring is stronger than parachrom blue niobium hairspring. According to the 15000 Gauss antimagnetic ability of Omega si14 silicon hairspring watch, the antimagnetic ability of syloxi silicon hairspring is much higher than parachrom blue niobium hairspring (the blue niobium hairspring is more than 6250 Gauss).

In addition, Rolex syloxi silicon hairspring has the patented technology of Rolex. Rolex syloxi silicon hairspring is completely horizontal and symmetrical in shape. There are two holes at both ends of the hairspring, and both ends of the hairspring are directly fixed on the cycloidal splint. In this way, the syloxi silicon hairspring has the most ideal horizontal and symmetrical shape. Rolex said that syloxi silicon hairspring “patent geometry enables the movement to keep regular operation in any position” (parachrom blue niobium hairspring is an end winding structure, and the end of the hairspring is clamped on the external pile of the swing wheel clamp plate. Different fixation methods).

In terms of performance, syloxi silicon hairspring has stronger performance than parachrom blue niobium hairspring. Many people wonder why Rolex does not use syloxi silicon hairspring instead of parachrom blue niobium hairspring? Why is parachrom blue niobium hairspring always the main hairspring of Rolex men’s watch, while syloxi silicon hairspring is only used on women’s watch? Over the years, there have been various views on this issue, and the current views are mainly focused on:

1. Rolex is cautious about the new syloxi silicon hairspring, so it was first used in women’s watches as an attempt (parachrom blue niobium hairspring was also changed year by year).

2. The advantage of Rolex parachrom blue niobium hairspring is that it can match Rolex’s new chronergy escapement and new cycloid. In terms of antimagnetism and lifting power, it meets the requirements.