Bell and ross BR 05 CHRONO

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The history of burrace, founded in 1992, is not very long. It takes “big watch style, fashion retro” as its own brand concept, focusing on Aerospace Science and technology design, and integrating elements such as aircraft cockpit dashboard into wristwatch design, creating its own unique military style, which is increasingly recognized in the world. The brand-new br 05 series is a time model specially designed for urban elites. It has the characteristics of reliable, durable and novel design, which adds a heavy color to bell & Ross aesthetic style. (watch model: br05c-bu-st / SRB)

BR 05 CHRONO series of brand-new mechanical chronographs are available in many styles, including black and blue dial. They are matched with rubber or frosted and polished steel strap. What we want to talk about today is the style of blue dial with the same color rubber strap, which is bright and unique. BR 05 CHRONO BLUE STEEL

Square design has always been a feature of Perez watches. The diameter of the fine steel case is 42mm. Most Asians have no pressure to wear. After polishing process, the chamfering line is smooth, the plane part is polished to be extremely delicate, and every detail is perfect. Four screws are placed on the watch ring for decoration, which makes the overall style more robust. BR 05 CHRONO BLACK STEEL

The most unforgettable thing about this watch is the combination of square case watch ring and round dial, which breaks the boundary between square and circle, and presents the brand’s unique simple geometric aesthetic style. The disk layout is clear and clear, and it is easy to read. A small second dial and a 30 minute timer are set at the 3 o’clock and 9:00 o’clock positions of the dark blue sun pattern dial. They are also designed with the square and circle integration popular in the 1970s, full of retro flavor. The spiral texture decoration on the timer makes the watch not vulgar, adding a bit of urban dynamic vitality.

The blue dial is matched with inlaid numbers and time scales filled with super luminova? Luminous material. The metal hollow pointer is also coated with luminous material, which can emit light in dark environment to ensure accurate reading time.

The crown on the right side of the watch is also meticulously made. The timing button, crown and shoulder guard are integrated to fit the contour of the case. The spiral lock watch crown is engraved with the classic logo of Bell & Ross burrace, with high recognition.

One of the features of the br 05 series is the integrated design of the case and chain, as is this new timepiece. The dark blue rubber watch chain is connected with the refined steel case skillfully, and it is completed in one go.

The watch is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters. Through the sapphire glass back, you can see the br-cal.301. Automatic up chain mechanical movement. The 360 ° hollow up chain pendulum is very fine, which shows the superb watch making technology of Bell & Ross.

Bell & Ross is famous for its classic square wristwatches, many of which are inspired by flight meters. Its brand-new br05 series is a professional chronometer model specially designed for urban elites.

Br05 series strictly adheres to the four design principles of clear and easy to read, practical function, durable and reliable and precise yardstick. In particular, the latest Chronograph integrates elegant style and precision technology, writing a new chapter of Bell & Ross urban design aesthetics.

Br05 series is a new classic of Bell & Ross chronometer technology. The brand-new mechanical chronograph is close to the rhythm of urban life. It can accurately grasp every minute and time accurately, so that the urban elite can control the time calmly.

The 42 mm case of the br 05 Chronograph integrates square and circular shapes, continuing the brand’s unique simple geometric aesthetics and style.

Br 05 chronograph is the latest representative work of Bell & Ross’ gangyang aesthetics. It has perfect decoration, full of personality, full of sculpture and architectural line beauty, strong and strong, fashionable and elegant.

The case is meticulously decorated, the surface is polished with fine sanding, and the polished chamfering highlights the beauty of lines. As the saying goes, the details of br05 watch are the essence of its style and temperament.

Br 05 series watch case and watch chain are integrated, and the brand-new chronograph is no exception. The lines of the case and chain are formed in one go. Bruno belamich, creative director of Bell & Ross, explained, “the case and chain of this new work are in one. This kind of design was very popular in the 1970s. It was integrated into the essence of Bell & Ross, and the effect was striking and full of strong sense of the times. ”

42 mm case line proportion is just right, wearing wrist more prominent, it is attractive at first sight. The angle of the ear is calculated carefully, and it is very comfortable to wear the wrist. The urban elites have a watch in hand, and they can make strategies every minute.

The timing button, crown and shoulder guard continue to be integrated into the shape of the case. Beautiful lines and vigorous and vigorous Yang temperament complement each other.

The dial layout is clear and strong, and the brand is clear and easy to read. The 9:00 minute timer and the 3:00 small second hand wheel are also designed in a square and circular fashion, which is popular in the 1970s. The two timers are also decorated with spiral texture. The fashionable strokes are not reduced in the nostalgic style, and the dark blue or black color adds a bit of urban vitality.