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Rolex watch is a famous Swiss watch manufacturer, formerly known as wilsdorf and Davis (W & D) company. It was jointly operated by Hans wilsdof of of Germany and Alfred Davis of England in London in 1905. In 1908, Hans westorf registered in La Chaux de fonds, Switzerland, and changed its name to Rolex. After a century of development, Rolex, headquartered in Geneva, has 19 branches and 24 large service centers in the major metropolises of the world. With an annual output of about 450000 watches, Rolex has become one of the famous watches with a large market share.

Rolex is a classic brand in Swiss watch industry. Rolex watch’s original logo is an outstretched palm, which means that the brand’s watch is completely handcrafted. Later, it gradually evolved into the registered trademark of crown to show its dominant position in the watch field and show Rolex’s imperial spirit in the watch making industry. In the 1920s, Rolex company made every effort to develop the first waterproof watch. In 1926, Rolex Oyster waterproof watch was officially registered.

Rolex’s second-hand watch market is also very hot in China. Rolex’s precision and ultra-high durability attract numerous users. In the clock circle, Rolex fans often use a sentence to describe Rolex: a “labor” forever. but price is very dear again.

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Rolex’s original watch logo was designed as a five fingered palm, indicating that the brand’s watch was handcrafted. Rolex logo design uses the combination of the crown icon and letter design, which also positioning Rolex’s position as the king in the watch industry, and represents the whole Swiss watch industry, which has a good reputation among the people.

Rolex, the most famous watch in the world, is of excellent quality, exquisite workmanship, noble, elegant and unique temperament. It ranks among the best in the world watch industry and is known as the pronoun of “precision”. Rolex, such as the output of 800000 this year, is highly praised by people from all walks of life all over the world, and even more favored by collectors.

In fact, Rolex has gone through a long and legendary development process.

Rolex is not only full of innovative energy, but also full of persistent pursuit of perfection. For Rolex, “morality” is not empty words. Rolex watch design style of “stable, applicable, not showing flashy” is highly valued by people, and its accuracy and durability make Rolex worth more. Every Rolex watch technician has the same confidence that everything must be improved. With the help of cutting-edge technology, they ensure that every production process is subject to strict quality control. Each meter enters the air chamber to test its water-proof performance. Then, it uses an atomic clock with an error of two seconds every 100 years to calibrate its accuracy. As long as the invention fails slightly, it will not be used. The meters that have completed all quality tests can be delivered.