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Distinguish between real rolex and fake rolex

July 24, 2020 By mysun08481 Off

Rolex replica watch is a valuable watch made in Switzerland. Its design, production and always maintain the traditional style. Its performance includes full-automatic, single calendar, double calendar, waterproof, dust-proof, and so on. Its workmanship keeps improving, especially the dial, handle, strap and carved crown are its high-quality marks. Because famous brand watches use advanced equipment and high-quality materials in manufacturing, they achieve fine processing and high finish. Real Rolex watch, no matter the workmanship, text are very fine, has a perfect feel, this is an important aspect to identify the authenticity.

From the appearance, fake Rolex watch case is fine, the strap, crown and English characters are clear and complete, while the imitation watch shell is rough and the words are slightly fuzzy. In particular, the surface and cover teeth are very fine and clear, clean and three-dimensional, while the imitations are rough and have no three-dimensional sense, and are generally shallow. In terms of weight, the real handle is more solid, and the fake one is much lighter. As for the case and strap of 18K Gold Rolex, the quality and color of genuine Rolex are generally unchanged from new to old, and the imitations have 14K gold or lower or plated with 18K gold, but after a long time, they will change back to the original color. Rolex with stars and diamonds on the watch are all real, while fake diamonds are fake.

There are also used Rolex watches with real case, strap and holiday movement in the market, so it is better to open the watch with special tools. Real Rolex movement, once you pry away the autopilot, the movement splint is engraved with Rolex and the organic core number: 1570, 2135, 3135, 3035 Wait, no fake. The real movement has fine parts and clear lines, while the fake one is rough and dark.

In addition, when the watch strap is removed, there is the type and batch number of the watch factory in the middle of the side ear of the watch case, and the watch number in the middle of the lower ear. There are basically no imitations (some imitations are also available, but not neat and clear enough); Rolex watches have quality assurance certificates, and there are more than two lines of Arabic code pinholes in the upper right corner, which are neat and clear, while the fake is only a line of needles Kong CI characters are not uniform and neat, but they can’t be distinguished by them, because there are fake guarantees in the market.