ROGER DUBUIS Excalibur Sunrise Double Tourbillon

May 6, 2024 By mysun08481 Off

As the watchmaking world gathers at Watches & Wonders Geneva 2024, all eyes turn to Roger Dubuis, the unrivaled maestro of Hyper Horology. The Maison’s bold and disruptive spirit has once again pushed the boundaries of horological expression, this time with the captivating debut of the Excalibur Sunrise Double Tourbillon. This stunning creation is a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to innovation, technical mastery, and an unapologetic embrace of the extraordinary.

Defying Gravity with Dual Tourbillon Artistry:

Roger Dubuis has long been synonymous with the art of the tourbillon, and the Excalibur Sunrise Double Tourbillon is a testament to the Maison’s unparalleled expertise in this field. Featuring not one, but two tourbillons linked by a regulating differential, this timepiece showcases the brand’s technical prowess and its refusal to compromise. Delivering an impressive 72-hour power reserve, the RD108SQ caliber is a true feat of engineering, comprising 319 meticulously crafted components.

Elevating the Extraordinary:

While the mechanical prowess of the Excalibur Sunrise Double Tourbillon is truly captivating, it is the watch’s breathtaking aesthetic that truly sets it apart. Adorned with a vibrant gradient of 108 baguette-cut gemstones, the timepiece is a symphony of color and light, evoking the radiant energy of a sunrise. From the rich hues of garnet on the bezel to the mesmerizing sparkle of yellow sapphire on the flange, each stone is meticulously arranged to create a spectacle that commands attention.

The Maison’s uncompromising dedication to quality is further evident in the use of 18k pink gold for the 45mm case, providing a warm and luxurious contrast to the intense gemstone display. The skeletonized framework of the movement, endorsed by the prestigious Poinçon de Genève certification, reveals the intricate web of finely decorated surfaces, a true testament to Roger Dubuis’ unwavering commitment to craftsmanship.

A Bold Departure from Subtlety:

In a world where restraint and understatement often reign supreme, Roger Dubuis defiantly declares that there is no room for timidity. The Excalibur Sunrise Double Tourbillon is a bold and unapologetic statement, a timepiece that dares the wearer to embrace their passion for the extraordinary. This limited edition of just 8 pieces is a clarion call to the true connoisseurs, those who seek to break free from the shackles of convention and revel in the unbridled energy of Hyper Horology.

Roger Dubuis has long been synonymous with innovation, extravagance, and cutting-edge design, consistently pushing the boundaries of creativity since its establishment in 1995. Founded on the visionary dream of Mr. Roger Dubuis himself, the Maison embarked on a daring journey to craft one-of-a-kind timepieces for an exclusive circle of friends. Today, this quest for exclusivity continues to thrive through the Maison’s pioneering concept of Hyper Horology.

In the year 2024, Roger Dubuis takes its iconic journey to new heights at Watches & Wonders Geneva, promising enthusiasts an unparalleled showcase of tourbillon artistry. This year’s exhibition promises an immersive experience into the world of high horology, featuring four exciting new releases, each distinguished by intricate tourbillon mechanics and breathtaking aesthetics. Among these, the Excalibur Sunrise Double Tourbillon stands as a testament to Roger Dubuis’ unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence.