Tudor Black Bay Master Chronometer

April 15, 2024 By mysun08481 Off

I want to be clear that this is not a new or updated model. Nor does it feature an updated movement or new strap or bracelet options. This is a pure line extension, but one that seems perhaps more impactful than adding a new color. For 2024, Tudor has taken all the color out of its 41mm Black Bay for a simple gray-scale colorway that offers an unfussy, sedate option for those who aren’t keen on gilt or blue-black.

To be perfectly clear, this Tudor Black Bay Master Chronometer watch is just last year’s Tudor Black Bay 41 but without the color. You can see it in the photos. We haven’t taken the color out as a fun experiment. That’s what the watch looks like. Steel and black and white. Except if you’re in the dark, when the lume shines green — but that doesn’t count, does it? The watch has the same 41mmx13.6mm dimensions, the same 200m water resistance, and the same Tudor Black Bay Master Chronometer manufacture caliber MT5602-U, with a 70-hour power reserve and superhero-level anti-magnetism. Just like last year’s watch, and all the Black Bay 41s, it sits brilliantly on the wrist. I actually prefer it to the 58 and the 54. I realize that verges on watch-nerd heresy for some, but it’s my wrist.

Are you scrolling looking for more insight? Well, you won’t find it because there’s almost nothing more to say. The watch is monochrome, black-and-white, without color. It’s not all black or black and blue or two-tone or red and black. It’s just simple gray-scale goodness. Fine, here’s a nugget: The straps are great and all three have the T-Fit mechanism for a perfect size on any wrist. But even if you didn’t use those Tudor Black Bay Master Chronometer straps, the colorway should allow for a great pairing with just about any strap you have. There! There’s your hot take!