Replica Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Watch

March 10, 2022 By mysun08481 Off

Omega’s current Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300M has become a proper staple of the brand’s collection. Beloved by fans of the brand and still one of the best dive watches under €10,000, it feels like we can’t get enough of that watch. So finding out that Omega has decided to bring the watch world’s most popular color to the collection was exciting indeed. You’ve most likely seen the classic blue and black models. Ask RJ which his favorite is, and he’ll quickly tell you it’s the white-dialed model with a black ceramic bezel. My personal favorite was the black ceramic and grade 5 titanium model — until now! Now, out of all the releases we have seen from Omega today, there’s something about this SMP 300 in green that really does put a smile on my face, and on my wrist!
One thing you should know about me is that there are not many watches that I don’t like. I’m quite open-minded, and in the case that I don’t see what makes a watch so special, I try to see how it might speak to others. That said, there’s a certain muscular, green watch with a nickname straight out of the Marvel universe that I have never been a fan of (to put it very kindly). This gamma-radiated mutant mess had me thinking that green dive watches were not meant to be. However, this latest release from Omega has shown me that it wasn’t the concept that was problematic, just that particular execution. And though I’d still have a hard time deciding between one or the other, this green ceramic SMP 300 has me dreaming of diving through a lush kelp forest and enjoying the greener side of the underwater world.
The Omega  Seamaster Professional Diver 300M goes green
Other than the green makeover, there is nothing new about this SMP 300. This is probably thanks to the fact that it’s already one of the best-specced dive watches under €10K on the market today. And it certainly punches well above its price, putting up a hell of a fight to watches above its price point. I even made the blue version my pick when starting a three-watch collection with a €10,000 budget. But that was two weeks ago. This week, my pick would absolutely be the green. Whether on the classic steel SMP bracelet or the matching green rubber strap, you really couldn’t go wrong. The green shade, which is featured only in the ceramic elements of the watch (the dial and bezel), plays beautifully with the light. It shifts from a deep, dark shade of forest green bordering on black to a crisp and refreshing green hue. This is probably what I enjoy the most about this watch. The green is subtle, as opposed to loud and in your face. At a glance or from a distance, you might think it’s the black model. But once it catches the light or you see it from up close, the green becomes apparent. And you notice small details, such as the matched date window and lack of red accents on the seconds hand and “Seamaster” text on the dial. Suddenly, it’s clear that are looking at something pretty special. The connection goes deeper though (not 300 meters deep, but still quite deep). Personally, I find myself wearing a lot of green, and gravitating towards other objects of the color, especially a darker forest-green or khaki green shade. Perhaps it’s my complexion or just personal preference. But I can’t think of another Omega watch that would better suit my wrist.
There you have it! A new colorway for Omega’s most popular dive watch, the Seamaster Professional Diver 300M. This is one of the more subtle Omega novelties we have seen today. It’s one I was happy to cover, however, as it really spoke to me on a personal level. Sure, green has been hugely popular in recent times, with Patek Philippe having led the charge. But I find that adding the color to an already well-established line of divers in which the choice of colors and materials is already vast is a fantastic move on Omega’s part. Now, dear Fratelli, I pass the mic on to you. What do you make of the new Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300M in green? Do you like it? Or is it not for you? Let me know your thoughts on this one in the comments below! For more information, check out the Omega website.