Rado Watch ambassadors

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Raw talent, natural elegance, unlimited spirit. Our brand ambassadors include actors, athletes and A-listers from the world over. Meet the faces of Rado replica watch.

Award-winning Chinese actress

Tang Wei is one of China’s most celebrated and recognisable actresses. She made her film debut in 2007. Throughout her career, her outstanding performance has earned her worldwide acclaim and over 30 international awards, including the 47th Korea Baeksang Arts Award for Best Actress of Film Class (2011), the 12th Busan Film Critics Award for Best Actress (2011), the 22nd Shanghai Film Critics Award for Best Actress (2013) and the 5th China Film Directors’ Guild Award for Actress of the Year (2014). As one of China’s leading actresses she is recognised for her creative talent, her acting ability and her bravery in her selection of roles. Tang Wei herself studied to become a film director at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, before finding her calling on the other side of the camera. https://www.bestbuycheap.ru/

Beloved Bollywood star

Hrithik Roshan is one of the leading contemporary actors of Indian cinema. He has cinema in his blood, as the son of a successful Bollywood actor and director and grandson of a Bollywood music director. Never fearing new challenges, he has successfully taken on highly-demanding roles. His debut lead role in 2000 earned him the Filmfare Best Actor Award. In 2008 he received his first international award at the Golden Minbar International Film Festival in Russia. Hrithik Roshan is also known by his many fans as a singer and for his highly creative dance routines. His dedication to his art, and his ability to reinvent himself in new roles reflect the dedication of Rado to constantly innovate.

Multicultural model and actress

Lisa Ray certainly knows no limits of geography or culture, being born in Toronto to a Bengali father and Polish mother, studying in England and going on to live in Paris and India. When she was growing up, a quiet life in the arts was on the horizon, until a trip to India at 16 led to her overnight discovery as a model and changed her life. Quickly attracting an international following, she moved elegantly from the catwalk to stage and screen. With her award-winning acting career she is in demand in both Hollywood and Bollywood. Her talent, natural elegance and sense of style, as well as her adaptability make Lisa Ray a perfect match for Rado.

Star of Russian stage and screen

Russian actress Yulia Peresild made her film debut in 2003. Her filmography now boasts over 50 titles, with her performances having garnered her much acclaim. The young actress has received numerous awards, including the President of Russia’s Award for Young Artists (2013), the Beijing Film Festival award for Best Actress (2015) and the Golden Eagle Prize for Best Actress (2016). Yulia can also be found on stage at the State Theatre of Nations and the Moscow Drama Theatre, where she plays major roles. https://www.bestbuycheap.ru/