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Only the finest materials are approved for use in Rado watches. Being durable is not enough – beauty and comfort are also paramount.This is why Rado has pioneered the use of high-tech ceramic, a material that meets all three of these desires.

Rado’s signature innovation, high-tech ceramic rocked the watchmaking world when it first debuted on a glossy black Rado timepiece three decades ago. Previously used only in fields such as medicine and aeronautics, this groundbreaking Rado material brought high tech to high fashion in a big way. Further advances in manufacturing technology, coupled with Rado’s continuing drive to innovate, has led to the creation of an array of high-tech ceramic colours: the inaugural black, pure white, cool grey, gleaming plasma, and chocolate brown – all available in matt or high-gloss finishes.

The exceptional comfort of Rado high-tech ceramic timepieces awaits you: In addition to its remarkable lightness, ceramic adapts to your body temperature almost immediately, so it will never feel too hot or too cold against your skin. Smooth and lightweight, it floats on the wrist, becoming an extension of the wearer.

Durable and immaculate, Rado replica watch high-tech ceramic is harder than nails and more eye-catching than steel. The naturally crystalline structure of ceramic acts as a shield against all manner of wear and tear, offering exceptional scratch resistance.

As a non-metallic material, high-tech ceramic is chemically inert and will not alter skin chemistry or cause any other negative reactions. Gentle and hypoallergenic, it is biocompatible and can be worn by anyone with metal allergies or sensitive skin.