Breguet Tradition 7597 Replica

November 5, 2020 By mysun08481 Off

On November 3, 2020, the Swiss noble watch brand Breguet held a tour exhibition of the new 2020 works of tradition handed down series in Beijing. This activity mainly displayed the brand-new tradition series and other classic watches of Breguet, which showed the exquisite watch making skills of Breguet replica watch.

Tradition Series came out in 2005, inspired by subscription reservation pocket watch. Its avant-garde and bold aesthetic design and harmonious and symmetrical mechanical structure make the watch’s style unique, forward-looking and discernible. The exhibition also focuses on the series of new watches and works over the years.

This new tradition series date reverse watch continues the classic design of the series, showing the movement and all the structure on the dial. This watch not only displays time, but also has reverse jump date display.

The reverse jump date display of the watch is located under the dial. The multi-layer arc-shaped pointer is in the flexible jumping room to ensure that the reverse jump can cross over the movement parts. At 10 o’clock, the screw in regulator is used, and the patented flexible stylus is equipped to adjust the date at ease.

The brand new Breguet tradition 7038 women’s watch features a rose gold case and a Tahiti mother of pearl dial decorated with a Paris nail pattern. It combines feminine charm with mechanical performance.

This watch has an orange leather strap, which is particularly gorgeous. At the same time, the watch also has a matching handbag. The decorative patterns on the handbag are consistent with the carved patterns on the wristwatch windup box. At present, this piece is only available for sale at Breguet boutique.

In addition to the two wristwatches introduced above, other classic works of tradition series are also displayed on the scene. However, these works have common characteristics. Under the complicated image of the dial, precise array arrangement and collaborative operation, Baoji’s avant-garde and bold aesthetic design is vividly displayed. In addition to the tradition series, we also saw the new works of the sailing series and the queen of Naples series.

The legend of Breguet and the ocean has lasted for more than 200 years. The marine nautical series perfectly integrates the traditional and dynamic aesthetics, and excavates a new navigation style.

This Breguet marine 5527 Chronograph features a 18K white gold case and a blue dial. The color is calm and classic. The dial of the watch adopts the original wave pattern carved by hand, which seems to put the sea between the wrist. In addition, this watch is equipped with a matching gold watch chain, more dynamic charm.

Breguet queen of Naples series is exquisite and elegant, with exquisite and charming effect. This series 8918 watch of Naples queen series is a new product of this year, with light blue as the main color. The eggshell is slightly elongated. The bezel is inlaid with diamonds. The blue steel Breguet pointer is one of Breguet’s classic designs. A pear shaped cut diamond is embellished at 6 o’clock. The overall shape is fresh and elegant.