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Breguet Classique Grande Complication 5345

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This new work combines exquisite mechanical skills and profound aesthetic attainments: the fully exposed movement shows that two Tourbillon devices drive the whole splint through a central differential. Each component is hand finished and the bottom cover is engraved with the design “house on the Quai”. Mr. Abraham Louis Breguet has completed his life in this Paris building Replica Breguet Classique 5345

The brand-new classic series 5345 double rotary Tourbillon watches and clocks of Baoji classique series contain a commemorative movement in the wrist watch. In a very limited space, Baoji watch factory has created a complex and harmonious universe, which seems to violate the laws of physics. Like a delicate sculpture, the fully exposed movement revolves around the axis in a rhythm of one cycle every 12 hours. The watch is driven by two independent Tourbillon wheels, each rotating once a minute. In this way, the double rotation of the interconnected regulating mechanism is realized, thus driving the tourbillon bridge, which is a bold design as a clock hour. The visual presentation of the watch is quite extraordinary. It features the movement parts made of gold material, which is exactly the same as the parts used in the complex function timepieces in the past. This tradition is almost no longer existing. This is the tradition Baoji is committed to continuing, just as the brand is to the inheritance of master craftsmanship. The watch shows the exquisite craftsmanship of Baoji, especially the hand engraving on the bottom cover, which vividly depicts the design of the building purchased by Mr. Abraham Louis Burgess on the Bank of the watch in Paris.

In fact, it was on the island of Ile de la CIT é in Paris, the land of inspiration for craftsmen, that Mr. Baoji invented a device that was then known around the world for centuries. Once upon a time, people used to wear the chronometer vertically in the pocket of a suit vest. Baoji then studied it to find a solution to offset the impact of gravity on timing accuracy. Later, he was inspired to put the cycloid, hairspring and escapement mechanism (escapement rod and escapement wheel) in a frame rotating around the axis, and gave the name of “tourbillon” for the double rotation of the frame and its components, which originated from a long forgotten concept of star system. It is endowed with wonderful principle conception and fascinating operation mode. The ownership of this invention still belongs to Baoji, which endows it with truly unique originality.

At the same time, the timing parts of this classic series 5345 double rotary Tourbillon “clock bank” watch are very similar to the original creation in terms of technology. The steel hairspring has a landmark end curve design to ensure concentric motion of the hairspring. The solution was designed by the founder of Breguet and later known as “Breguet overcoil”. Until now, the hairspring is still made by hand, and different calibrations are also done by hand, such as the balance of the tourbillon frame. These frames are the only frames in the current series made of mirror polished steel – the highest level of precision polishing in the field of advanced tabulation.

Like two mechanical hearts, the two Tourbillon devices operate independently of each other and are driven by their own spring boxes. However, the two oscillating mechanisms are coupled with another pair of gear trains at the same time and rotate in the central differential. With this dual input setting, the average speed of the touring wheel is determined so that the pendulum splint can rotate once every 12 hours. As for the minute display, the watch uses the classic central minute hand design. The whole device is equipped with a system to minimize the clearance in the gear train to ensure the perfect control of travel time display accuracy.

This masterpiece makes this movement one of the most complex systems developed by Baoji watch factory. For example, the precise and efficient operation of the movement itself has prompted watchmakers to re-examine the manual chain up mechanism, which relies on an independent gear train in this design. One of the windup boxes is equipped with a secondary spring similar to that used in an automatic up chain watch. The ingenious structure enables the first spring to slip and protect the spring after it is completely connected to the chain until the other winding box is completed. Finally, the crown adopts a force measuring safety system to prevent excessive winding.

In Breguet’s tabulation art, professional technology has always been inseparable from aesthetic attainments. The double rotary Tourbillon was first unveiled in 2006, and now it has evolved into a transparent design that can be seen through the dial, displaying all the beauty of its mechanical structure. The unique and perfect steel spring box splint presents the letter B shape. Each part is hand polished, chamfered and even Satin sanding. As one of Breguet’s logo, Ji engraved pattern presents refreshing decorative details for the movement, replacing the traditional circular grain pattern. The hollow design makes the movement structure inside the watch case clear at a glance. The Roman numerals engraved by hand are eye-catching and reflect with the sapphire hour circle.

However, the unique characteristics of this timepiece are more vividly displayed on the bottom cover. The movement, which is condensed by the essence of mechanical ingenious thinking, remains eternal elegance behind it. Breguet craftsman hand engraved the facade of Breguet workshop, No. 39, Paris clock dike, which Mr. Abraham Louis Breguet had owned since 1775, on the wrist watch. This is the end of the project. The details of the patterns etched on the gold material are exquisite and exquisite. Through the sapphire glass window, you can see the mechanism gear train, as if opening a window connecting two truly distinguished boundaries.

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