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A world leader in high-quality products, LVMH Louis Vuitton-Moët Hennessy possesses a unique portfolio of over 60 prestigious brands. The Group is active in five different sectors: Wines & Spirits, Fashion & Leather Goods, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Watches & Jewelry, and Selective retailing. LVMH currently has around 100,000 employees, almost 80% of who are based outside France. Zenith, which belongs to the Group’s Watches & Jewelry division, was created in 1865 by a visionary watchmaker in Le Locle, Georges Favre-Jacot. The Manufacture Zenith is located in Le Locle, Switzerland, in the exact spot where its founder built his first workshop. In its early years, it earned swift recognition for the precision of its chronometers, for which it has won 2,333 precision timing prizes in almost a century and a half – an absolute record encompassing pocket watches, onboard watches and wristwatches.

Today, Zenith Replica Watch is a globally recognized and highly regarded watchmaking brand, active in over 50 countries around the world. Zenith designs and develops its own movements (of which it currently has 600 variations), making it part of a highly selective circle of prestigious Swiss watch “Manufactures”. Not content with simply recreating the past, Zenith has always placed innovation and precision at the core of its activities. From the legendary El Primero calibre, the first high-frequency automatic integrated column-wheel chronograph movement launched in 1969, to the El Primero 21 1/100th of a second chronograph and the revolutionary Zenith Oscillator, Zenith is creating the future of watchmaking. All this wouldn’t be possible without the talents of the individuals and teams across all levels of the brand.
At Zenith replica watches, the human element is at the core of our brand’s values. Through our unique legacy and forward-looking trajectory, our collaborators and team members share the following values:
Zenith prides itself on being a truly honest and authentic brand, building its reputation on technical perfection. The brand’s history is grounded in equality and perfect craftsmanship, true to its past and the people who have created the Zenith story.
From a visionary founder to a saving hero, who risked everything to preserve the El Primero calibre, the Zenith story is illuminated with examples of free-spirited individuals. Their powerful vision and defiant attitude have carried Zenith on this inspiring journey.
Persevering in order to improve the future. Defying conventions in order to excel. Using conviction to go beyond the boundaries of expectations. Zenith’s path is on a constant upwards trajectory. The ultimate goal to always aim higher, dare even more, and leave a mark on history.
If you would like to join Zenith in crafting the watchmaking of tomorrow and reaching your star and fulfilling your professional dream as a watchmaker or collaborator, you will find below our vacant positions as well as the link to apply spontaneously by specifying the job you are looking for. All applications must be submitted in either English or French.
Preserving knowledge passed down through generations and preparing the next generation of skilled watchmakers is something Zenith proudly takes on. Through the LVMH Institute of Professions of Excellence (IME) in partnership with the LVMH Watchmaking School, as well as the Houses of the LVMH group, offer apprenticeships and training programs to provide excellence training in the watchmaking trades. Apprentices of the LVMH watchmaking apprenticeship programs benefit from:

– Theoretical and practical education provided by cantonal schools and inter-company courses at Zenith watches for sale and TAG Heuer.

– Professional practice at the LVMH Watchmaking School and during internships in the workshops of the LVMH Group’s Maisons.

– IME Master Classes, which provide opportunities to bring together the interns in a House to discover their know-how in resonance with the subjects discussed at the LVMH Watchmaking School. On the program: conferences on the fundamentals of luxury and the history of the Houses, workshop visits, exchanges with professionals recognized for their know-how and expertise, meetings with creators.