Replica Zenith Swiss Manufacture

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Since its foundation in the 19th century, Replica Zenith has made precision the core of every endeavor it takes on. Through the unification of the expertise and production techniques as set out by its founder Georges Favre-Jacot, Zenith has been able to make formidable advances in chronometric precision, reliability and innovation. Between 1903 and the end of the 1960s – the golden age of chronometry competitions – replica Zenith watch won 2333 awards, filed over 300 patents and designed many movements that were created in countless variations.
Nestled in the town of Le Locle, in the Neuchâtel region that is widely recognized as the cradle of the Swiss watchmaking industry, the Zenith manufacture has grown into several buildings, yet remains in its original location since 1865. The town of Le Locle is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its industrial architecture and urbanism, to which Zenith contributed by building the first Manufacture in watchmaking history.
Today, Zenith’s endless pursuit of chronometric precision endures on a number of fronts. From completely reimaging the regulating organ in a mechanical watch, which has remained relatively unchanged since the 1600s, to countering the effects of gravity with a gyroscopic mechanism, Zenith is at the pinnacle of horological innovation in an unrelenting pursuit of precision.
With a full-fledged manufacture at its disposal as well as the synergy provided by the LVMH group and its circle of technical and creative minds, Zenith replica is making its mark on the ongoing evolution of watchmaking and sharing its vision of tomorrow’s Haute Horlogerie. Zenith prides itself on equipping all its watches exclusively with its own developed and manufactured mechanical movements.