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The Breguet Tradition: Classic Yet Modern. The Breguet Tradition collection combines the classic roots of the Swiss manufacturer with modern innovations of their master watchmaker. In contrast to many other designs, this series showcases their calibers on the dial side. The watches harken back to the subscription watch developed by Abraham-Louis Breguet.
Breguet Tradition 7077 Watch. It is a rare watch, where two independent gear trains have completely delinked the chronograph mechanism from the timekeeping mechanism. It guarantees that time remains constant when the chronograph is used to calculate elapsed time, which is a challenge that traditional chronographs encounter. Breguet Tradition 7097 Watch
One of the more peculiar watch collections in their repertoire is the Tradition line, which is based on the Souscription watches. Breguet’s Souscription timepieces were simple watches sold via subscription, which is where the name comes from.
Upon introduction in 2005, the Tradition collection took its inspiration from the Montre à Tact pocket watches that Abraham-Louis Breguet made starting in 1799. Especially looking at Breguet No. 960 from 1802, the resemblance with the modern-day wristwatch is striking.
The Breguet Tradition wristwatches are an especially challenging base on which to build complications. The collection is based on Abraham Louis Breguet’s famous souscription watches, which were designed to be relatively affordable but very high quality timepieces, which reduced the master’s watchmaking philosophy to its essentials. Today’s Tradition timepieces use the architecture of the .
Unlike on any other watch where the manufacturer can add a date wheel or two on a whim, the Tradition line needs more care as the movement makes up most of the front of the watch. The actual time dial is relatively small, so to balance all the elements while keeping the theme of the Souscription watches is imperative. Luckily, Breguet has …
Breguet Tradition Quantième Rétrograde 7597: adding without taking away. With the Tradition Quantième Rétrograde 7597, Breguet has found a way to incorporate a date function in a non-intrusive way that also pays tribute to the past. While many think that the retrograde style is an invention of recent history, it turns out that Abraham-Louis Breguet had already developed it in 1794.
I caught up with Team Breguet to find out how the new Breguet Tradition 7597 is keeping things fresh for a modern audience interested in the brand’s past. The new Tradition collection was launched in 2005. The models that populate this collection are heavily inspired by the watches made by Breguet towards the end of the 18th century.
Breguet used the caliber of the subscription watches to create the first tact watches, sometimes adding a little dial to them; this was the inspiration for the Tradition collection launched in 2005, which marked a return to this very typical architecture.
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