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The Classique wristwatches exemplify the watchmaking ideals of precision, clarity and elegant lines. Whether extra-thin models or complicated watches, they are all true to the technical principles, the artistry and the traditional values of the Breguet watch.
A compendium of Abraham-Louis Breguet’s ingenious inventions and style, the Classique Complications 3797 is a magnificent perpetual calendar tourbillon laden with nostalgia for the undisputed horological star of the 18 th century. Released in 2014, the 3797 is Breguet in his purest, unadulterated form with all the ‘unmistakable signs’ of the creator and a couple of 21 st-century tweaks
Breguet watches was founded in 1775 by Abraham-Louis Breguet in Paris, France, and quickly gained the grace of kings, queens and country leaders. The Breguet watch company continues to demonstrate its skills in fine and complicated watch making within the watch world. Breguet is regarded as the innovator of invention of new technologies and manufacturing techniques.
For the French Air Force pilots, Breguet produced similar devices. In every lighting setting, the dial and hands were built to be visible. The 14-ligne caliber 22 from Valjoux was used in model XX. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Breguet Grand Complications collection. You can find Breguet Grand Complications watches for sale
Before we go into more technical details, let’s first focus on the looks. Certainly, this watch is a statement piece, something demonstrative, opulent and far from the restrained elegance of a Classique 7337 Calendar & Moon, for instance.Here, Breguet showcases its technical and finissage expertise – and indeed, the Double Tourbillon 5345 is an impressive piece.
Breguet Classique Complications collection is one of the finest Breguet has to offer. The attention to detail is not surpassed on any watch in the collection and the unique features are so exquisite there have been three patent applications filed to protect them.
Breguet Classique Complication. The Classique Complication line houses Breguet’s extraordinary grand complications, often featuring A-L Breguet’s most famous invention, the tourbillon. There are also double tourbillon watches, perpetual calendar paired with tourbillon watches, and minute repeater watches. Breguet La Marine
This time around, though, the Breguet Classique Hora Mundi 5727 forgoes the North America map theme on the dial in favour of a lot of the same case detailing and white gold dial ending on the Breguet Classique 7147 — ultra-classic design language that many fans could likely agree believes yet more Breguet, if that were even possible. 77F0 movement, which enables the wearer to concurrently …
Several years ago, Breguet quietly introduced a complicated vintage-style pocket watch into its collection: the Reference 1907 Classique Grande Complication. It displays the time in regulator style, chimes the time in the form of a minute repeater with grande sonnerie, and provides extra precision thanks to the one-minute tourbillon. So where does the reference number 1907 come from?

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