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Zenith Class Lady Moonphase Watch For 2020

October 6, 2020 By mysun08481 Off

As you may know, Replica Zenith Watch is a brand that I am very fond of. They take risks and have the history to back these risks up. While the trend of women wearing men’s watches has been growing, Zenith was one of the first to embrace and encourage this. And, always to be one step ahead, Zenith has also created many designs with a more masculine yet edgy feel for women. Instead of just making models smaller for a woman’s wrist, the designs are tailored more to the taste of a truly modern woman.

Such as the new Zenith Class Lady Moonphase introduced at this year’s Baselworld show, unfortunately Thierry Nataf’s last gig. I am sad to see Thierry leave, as I have always admired and respected his vision. But, I am also very excited to see the direction that this brands goes moving forward.
For now, Thierry and the team from Le Locle have given us the Class Lady Moonphase as one last parting gift. And what a gift it is.

The Class Collection appeals to me with its simplicity – its wearability – its mystique. Since it is a Zenith, there is so much more going on with this watch than just the outside. Powered by Zenith’s Elite Caliber 692, oscillating with 28,800 vibrations per hour, this timepiece is sleek and sexy and mesmerizing.
Available in Stainless Steel or Rose Gold, with white or brown alligator leather straps, this is a completely wearable timepiece. Wearable and petite. With a 33mm case, this is a tiny watch (for my standards.) I usually gravitate towards the bigger, edgier, more masculine watches. But this Elite Caliber powered model from Zenith can fit easily into daily life, given its slim case, small dial, and delicate nature.
Overall, this is definitely a ‘safe’ Moonphase model, especially when placed within the Zenith family. The design is not supernatural in its aesthetic, but rather very traditional and pure. Looking past the simplicity simple of this design, there is still so much going on with this Zenith model. The milky, lustrous, Mother of Pearl dial face is the perfect backdrop for this elegant complication, with the Moonphase indicator positioned at 6 o’clock and the second hand positioned at 9 o’clock.

And from a glance, that’s all you see – Until you really look at the moonphase indicator. Delicately crafted to be a more dynamic representation of the moon in transition through the night sky, this is no simple moonphase. The image of the moon is itself a piece of art, one that has to be examined up-close to fully absorb. There are older models of Zenith Moonphases that feature simple circle moons as the Moonphase indicators, no different than a circle stencil from your youth. It is reassuring to witness the progression in these designs as they become more and more sophisticated.

Which is a statement that I hope will follow Zenith in its new progression.

With another true ode to simplicity, there are no numerals on this dial face. They are not necessary on this delicate face. Instead, there are hand appliqued markers, merely scratches on the surface of the Mother of Pearl Dial, representing where the time is. With all the focus on the moonphase indicator, it’s visually appealing to have subtlety surround the surreal passing moons.

Such a clean release from Zenith, the Class Zenith Lady Moonphase watch replica model will appeal to many different types of women… It’s yet to be seen how the new designs from the new Zenith Manufacture will reverberate with women.

But as one discerning woman… I trust that it will continue to be savvy, sexy, and most of all, complicated.