Bell & Ross MARINE Watches

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    Professional diving Instrument, water-resistant to 500M

    Bell & Ross has made its name as a benchmark in Haute Horlogerie and the exclusive world of professional users with watches that totally respond to requirements of extreme conditions.

    Indeed, Bell & Ross watches for sale are designed to support professionals who deal with extreme temperatures, violent speed accelerations or to resist dangerous pressure levels.

    Drawing on their experience in the aeronautical and military industries, master watchmakers, designers and professional users have successfully combined their skills to create a new professional diving instrument.

    The new diving BR 02 INSTRUMENT CHRONOGRAPH – 500 M 

    Designed for professionals who require tools with optimum reliability, the BR 02 INSTRUMENT Chronograph satisfi es three basic principles: water-resistance, readability and functionality.

    .  Water-resistance: The case of the BR 02 INSTRUMENT was designed to resist a pressure of 50 bars, equivalent to a depth of 500m.
    During deep-sea diving, the decompression valve enables helium to escape from the inside of the case.

    .  Readability: To satisfy the extreme conditions of deep-sea diving, the BR 02 INSTRUMENT watch is fi tted with photoluminescent large hands and indexes to make it easier to read in the deepest and darkest depths.
    The cranted unidirectional inside bezel graduated to 60min and marked by a photoluminescent index also provides optimum reading when submerged.

    .  Functionality: To calculate short times without compromising the watch’s water-resistance, Bell & Ross watchmakers have added a 2-counter chronograph (60min and 30s) to the BR 02 mechanism.

    The BR 02 CHRONOGRAPH is the ideal tool of professional divers. Perfectly readable in gloomy conditions, it guarantees optimum safety throught its measurement diving times.

    With its decompression valve, its interior unidirectional bezel and now its 2-counter chronograph, this new BR 02 INSTRUMENT is a concentration of high-technology and precision watchmaking.