Bell & Ross Classic Watches

Bell & Ross Classic Watches

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    Pilot 10th Anniversary

    Limited edition to 500 pieces 

    17 years ago, Bell & Ross presented the first relaunch of its original model, especially designed for Aeronautics: The Pilot chronograph.

    In 2004, a special edition limited to 500 pieces commemorated this anniversary.

    Made to attract the interest of genuine watch lovers and collectors, the Pilot 10th Anniversary is a true revival of the watches worn by airmen of the fifties.

    Manufactured with pioneering techniques, the Pilot 10th Anniversary model follows the fundamental design principles, well-tried by Bell & Ross: readability, performance, precision and water-resistance.

    The retro-style watchcase features “mushroom-like” pushers and a black steel and anodized aluminum two-way bezel, designed for aircraft navigation.

    Easily identified by the horizontally aligned sub dials, the automatic mechanism is assembled and adjusted with “high precision” in the grand tradition of Swiss watch making.

    The technical characteristics of this limited edition are embodied in the ultra-curved shape of its anti-scratch sapphire crystal.  The difficulty involved in the design and manufacture of this crystal, required over a year of study and trails conducted by Replica Bell & Ross watches for sale technicians and engineers.

    Collectors will appreciate the markings on the dial and the engraving of the logo specially designed for the 10th anniversary on the back of the case.

    At the height of refinement, the Pilot 10th Anniversary comes in a luxurious wooden box finished in black-gloss and further decorated with the colors of this special edition.

    A perfect combination of tradition and modern design, the Pilot 10th Anniversary still remains faithful to the retro style of models of the fifties while meeting the demands of today’s airmen.

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