grand seiko spring drive

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Spring Drive Spring Drive is a unique watch technology. It generates energy like every other luxury mechanical watch but combines this with an electronic regulator to deliver a level of precision that no mechanical watch can match. The New Grand Seiko Caliber 9RA5 Spring Drive 5 Days Slimmer, more precise and more powerful. A new Spring Drive movement marks a new beginning for Grand Seiko Spring Drive.

A new Spring Drive movement marks a new beginning for Grand Seiko. Mar 5, 2020 INFORMATION “Sport Collection Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Professional Diver’s 600M” special page is now available. Mar 5, 2020 PRESS RELEASE grand seiko watches for sale 

The development of Spring Drive was possible because Grand Seiko is one of the few manufacturers to master both electronic and mechanical watchmaking. THE 9f CALIBER. Quartz on a new level. The calibre 9F redefines the quartz watch and offers higher performance and a longer service life. It is the quartz watch that deserves the name Grand Seiko.

Accuracy of the Grand Seiko 9R86 Spring Drive movement is excellent. Seiko calls the 9R86 “by far the world’s most accurate chronograph driven by a mainspring” and like most technical claims the Japanese make, this too is closer to being true, than if the Swiss had said it (sorry, not sorry – though it is true they have improved in …grand seiko spring drive chronograph

Spring Drive prototypes exhibited at the Seiko manufacture. In 2004, the first Grand Seiko Spring Drive, a model using Caliber 9R65, was released. Combining a traditional mainspring with an electronic regulator, the idea was to combine the best of both worlds.