Grand Seiko 60th Anniversary Special

August 26, 2020 By mysun08481 Off

We are pleased to announce that 2020 is the 60th anniversary of Grand Seiko.
The number 60 has a special meaning for a watch.
It turns 60 seconds every minute, and 60 minutes every hour.
In both cases, 60 marks the beginning of a new cycle.

In addition, becoming 60 years old is special in Japanese culture.
There are 10 calendar signs and 12 oriental zodiac symbols, which can be arranged in a total of 60 combinations.
Turning 60 is very special, because it means the 60 combinations have come full circle.

We are delighted to start our new cycle now and will introduce special contents to celebrate the 60th anniversary.

In 1998, the creation of the 9S mechanical caliber opened a new chapter in the Grand Seiko story.
Today, the pages turn again with the launch of a new high beat mechanical caliber, 9SA5, 
which, in its design and functionality represents an advance just as important as the first 9S.
9SA5 is more than just a new caliber. It is an entirely new movement and the foundation upon
which a whole new generation of Grand Seiko mechanical watches will be created.
Deploying all the skills and experience we have gained over the past 60 years, 
beyond doubt, the finest mechanical caliber that we have ever created.
9SA5 is, A watch offered in a limited edition of 100 will be the first to be powered by this new caliber.
It will be available at the Grand Seiko Boutiques in August 2020.

36,000 vph, 80 hours of power reserve and a slim profile.
The challenge for any watchmaker who creates a high beat movement is to strike the perfect balance between precision, 
power and size without compromising on any of these parameters. In developing the 9SA5 caliber, 
the Grand Seiko development team set out to deliver the same level of stable accuracy as that of their existing 36,000 vph movement
but to deliver a longer power reserve and so makes the watch even more practical in everyday life.
They succeeded in characteristically uncompromising style.
Caliber 9SA5 has a precision rate of +5 to –3 seconds a day and a power reserve of 80 hours.

The three technical advances that make the difference SLGH002

The precision, power and slimness of Caliber 9SA5 are the result of the radical re-design of three key structures
and some components within them for which several patents are either already granted or pending.

Just as Caliber 9SA5 makes a significant and defining statement about the next stage of Grand Seiko’s technical development, 
the design also has a distinctive look that marks a new beginning.
The watch is, of course, true to the Grand Seiko Style that was defined back in 1967 with the celebrated 44GS
but it is subtly different in ways that are much more than cosmetic.