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Rolex Explorer – The Watch for Extreme Conditions Discover the Explorer and Explorer II, the watches that pay tribute to the spirit of mountaineering and the world of exploration. Rolex S.A respects your right to privacy and is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust. the details you provide through this website will not be used to send unsolicited email, and will not be sold to a third party. Rolex Explorer Replica Watches

The Rolex Explorer, named in honor of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953 in honor of their monumental climb of Mount Everest, is one of the most sought after pre-owned Rolex watches in the world.

Globally renowned as one of the toughest and ‘go-anywhere’ watches, the Rolex Explorer is the ultimate watch for the adventurous soul. The Rolex Explorer I and II continue to be the preferred tool watch for extreme environments by explorers, scientists, and mountaineers. Over the years, its stature, reputation, and demand have grown exponentially.

Rolex were adamant that they wanted their watches on the summit and so in 1952 they equipped the British climbers with large size Oyster watches. These watches were what collectors now refer to as Pre-Explorers (references 6092 and 6298) that were essentially prototypes of what would ultimately become the Explorer.

The Rolex Explorer has many historical moments under its name, and it is indeed a true classic. In Rolex’s lineup of Explorer watches, there is both the Rolex Explorer I and the Rolex Explorer II, and over the course of their history, they have both been improved, iterated, and changed visually in design.

The Explorer is one pure unit of Rolex sport watch. The Explorer’s timeline establishes it as a category-defining model, and while the Explorer has evolved over the past half-century, the core formula is one of everyday versatility, thoughtful simplicity, and steadfast reliability.

In 1953, Rolex released the Explorer and the Submariner, the first dive watch waterproof up to 100 meters. A year later, the brand introduced the GMT Master . It was the first aviator’s watch to allow pilot’s to tell the time in multiple time zones at once.The Explorer II 16570 is the “older brother” of the contemporary Explorer II 216570 which remains an active model in Rolex’s catalog. Indeed, the previous and current models share similarities, but the former has a finesse in its design that is unmatched. rolex explorer for sale

I know this is a dive watch, so not a proper Rolex Explorer alternative on the paper… But if you don’t take the bezel into consideration, all of a sudden, you have a pretty close reinterpretation of the Explorer reference 1016! Yet, even if the design of this watch is a direct throwback to the 60s, there’s nothing vintage about this piece: rolex explorer ii for sale