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This SEVENFRIDAY V-Series watch features a stainless steel case with vertically sunray brushed bezel. The V2/01 has a stainless steel, deep grey and 4N copper interface comprised of 4 layers, alternately finished in deep grey cast-iron pattern, vertically brushed concrete color, vertically brushed rhodium, opaline black with a circular brushed 4N copper dial ring. The V2 measures a rather large 44.3mm x 49.7mm, with a 12.85mm thick case, but happily it sits well on the wrist. Shown below on the author’s 7.5″ wrist. sevenfriday v2 price on the wrist.

Aside from the obvious shift in silhouette, the SevenFriday V Series Replica features a round specially hardened and anti-reflective treated domed mineral glass and a more traditionally shaped dial. This design trait goes almost unmentioned in the press release. Not because it is a small change (I personally believe it to be seismic for the brand, and potentially destabilising), rather because there is so much more to mention when it comes to this new offering.

Aside from the FSC (patent pending), this watch also features an NFC chip, installed on the neatly engraved, screw-down case back. On the subject of case back engraving, I’ve always liked SevenFriday’s trick of distracting their customers with a bucket-load of technical information used as case back decoration. When a customer turns a watch over in their hands, they want to see something. Most often, they expect a movement, but in the absence of the watch’s beating heart, an excellently engraved image or, in this case, a clinical breakdown of the watch’s functionality will do. I like it because SevnFriday uses an unembellished Miyota, which is cool and reliable, but certainly not too flashy. The engraving on the case back is very good quality – relatively much better in comparison to other case back engravings than the Miyota is to other movements. In that sense, I believe it to be an upgrade and can not fault the brand for making that decision (and, after all, the balance is visible on the dial).

The inclusion of an NFC chip, however, is somewhat more striking a development for the brand. NFC (Near Field Communication) chips can be loaded with information, which can be used for a variety of tasks. A few months ago, I wrote a lengthy piece focusing on the technology when I reviewed the Bulgari Diagono Magnesium Concept. In the case of the Bulgari, the watch could be used to open doors, store personal details of the wearer, and carry digitised travel documentation (in theory). SevenFriday’s aims for the V-Series are initially more humble, but set to grow. Right now, the brand are using the NFC chips to verify authenticity – how that exactly works in real life is something we’ll be finding out and sharing more about in our upcoming hands-on review on of the very first pieces available from the V-Series. For now, we’ll say what we know, which is that it’s basically a high-tech watermark for now – but plans seem to be to expand the functionality of the medium soon. sevenfriday v2 replica

The problem this presents, especially for a small and laterally creative brand like SevenFriday, is how to innovate on the original idea in order to remain relevant, all the while working within a budget that wouldn’t even cover the bill of Rolex’s Michelin-star rooftop restaurant for one day. With the release of the SevenFriday V-Series, this ingenious brand has taken the first steps away from their tried and tested case shape. This move worries me, simply because it is so very much not what they are known for: I always liked being able to spot a SevenFriday from across the room. I’ve argued that in terms of price versus identifiability, there are few that can match the SevenFriday P- or M-series. The V-Series must earn its stripes as its big brothers had to. To its credit, though, it has an awful lot more going on than either of its preceding series.