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Sevenfriday T Series

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The Sevenfriday T Series Replica is smaller, thinner and lighter than other SEVENFRIDAY watch series. Graphic design together with skeleton movement are inspired by the blueprints from the industrial technical department, therefore the use of the letter “T”.

Swiss lifestyle brand, SEVENFRIDAY, celebrates new heights with the launch of a brand new watch collection: the T-series. The T-series is so-named as it draws inspiration from blueprints from the industrial technical department.

Get the SevenFriday style with the brand’s T3/01 Engine watch and matching sunglasses duo. Stainless steel case with black PVD. The new SevenFriday T3/01 timepiece comes in a 45mm stainless steel case with a black PVD coating. T Series. The T Series is the smallest, lightest, thinnest and most affordable collection in the SevenFriday watch range.

The Sevenfriday T Series Replica series features a stainless steel 45mmx45,6mm case, with a fixed bezel, a gradient blue semi transparent dial and a hardened k1 mineral crystal. This beautiful wristwatch, powered by a TMI Caliber NH70, Japan automatic movement,

Celebrating the SEVENFRIDAY attitude by launching a brand new watch series and eyewear pieces as a duo. The new watch models T2/01 (Gradient green) and T3/01 (Gradient blue) are carrying the same sun lenses as the new eyewear collection Icon Tiny.The new design language plays with transparency, gradients, a skeleton movement and an effective graphic design, resulting in diving into the interface.

This latest SEVENFRIDAY T Series replica watch mirrors the smaller, thinner and lighter aesthetic of its immediate predecessors. The new design language also plays with transparency and gradients by using a genuine piece of sunglass lens as a dial. This combination with a skeleton movement results in a new interface experience for each wearer.